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Security Guard Kills Man in Houston

June 19, 2019 | News

News just broke on ABC Channel 13 that a security guard, 27-year-old Lance Tyler Campbell, shot and killed a 60-year-old man outside a washeteria in Houston.  The security guard claimed that he felt threatened - as an excuse for why he shot the man in the chest.  However, his story was inconsistent with other evidence.  (video perhaps?) Thus, the security guard was charged with murder.

These tragic facts are all too familiar, when a security guard attacks someone, and then tries to justify it afterwards.  We litigated a case through to the eve of trial, where a security guard shot at a customer in his car, striking the car but not the customer. 

Security guards are only supposed to observe and report.  When a security guard attacks, and his story doesn't match evidence, like video, he has acted outside the law.  (Our prior case had video.) 

In our prior case, the security guard never was charged by police.  But we did reach a $225,000 settlement with the insurance company.  Money can't bring back a loved one.  But it can help bring some measure of justice, and it can encourage security companies to value safety in the future.  As in all things, we hope justice is served.  

Joseph M. Schreiber

Founding Partner

Erik A. Knockaert

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