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  • "I found myself in a bad situation with a group that I will call the Big Boys. Big Boys that could clearly out lawyer me. I met with one attorney and he had a conflict and could not help me. This attorney referred me to Joseph. He told me I would be in "Good Hands" with Joe. I met with Joe and he took notes. Afterwards, he warned me about the repercussions I could face. I still have to do business with these Big Boys. I was scared to death but payed the $7500.00 which was a lot of money to me. Joe took on the case with a personal agenda vengeance. The letter he wrote got their attention. He talked to their litigator and Joe did not back off. After a few calls, we all had a settlement call. I received a $$$,$$$.00 check. Joe is sensible. So I would recommend hiring him to anyone. Listen to what he tells you. You may not like it but that is what makes him good. Joe refunded me my retainer balance, since he did not use it all. How many attorneys are that honest. Be smart. Joe does do law right. As I stated, I still have to do business with these Big Boys and they are scared of my attorney... :) "

    - Nancy Horkey

  • "Mr. Schreiber was professional and attentive in his understanding of the importance of resolving our matter promptly. He managed to swiftly and effectively get us out of a unfortunate legal situation that had gone on for far too long. We would absolutely recommend his law firm's services."

    - Miguel Trujillo

  • "Erik and his team helped me settle an injury case that left me with a wrecked scooter and a broken ankle. He was extremely communicative, polite, professional, and most importantly tough when it was needed. I would highly recommend Erik and his team for anyone looking to get good help from good people. I will definitely use him and his office for future legal matters."

    - Cory Jackson

  • "Joseph Schreiber is our family attorney. We call him immediately with any legal matter and he always responds promptly with sound legal advice. In this instance, I was having an issue with our roofer. During the process of removing the old roof, they caused damage to our property. Schreiber detailed how I should confront the roofers and require that they pay for damages. This advice was invaluable because the roofers tried very hard to avoid responsibility and when that failed, tried to decide how the damage should be repaired. Due to Schreiber’s advice, I was able to have a third party determine the extent of damage, decide how the damages should be repaired, and establish the cost. The roofers have paid these costs. I am certain that this issue would not have been resolved to my satisfaction without Schreiber’s sound legal advice. "

    - Laura Hooper

  • "I have had personal experience in the past with lawyers, as my father was a criminal attorney and a number of friends now have law degrees. I have heard numerous negative stories about lawyers. Joseph Schreiber is one of the best lawyers in Houston. He promptly responded to my mother's legal situation, was professional, polite, and committed to achieving results with our case. He went above and beyond to ensure my family was fully aware of all legal proceedings and decisions were made in line with our wishes. He was thorough in his investigations and exemplary in defending our case. It was settled in a timely and satisfactory manner, so much so that I highly recommend Joseph and his law firm to family and friends that need legal advice or representation in his field. Integrity, commitment, and results. Joseph Schreiber will provide the help you need."

    - Sean Watkins

  • "Excellent communication and client focused. Joe handled a personal injury case for my wife in 2014. The insurance company was giving us the runaround, so we hired Joe and he took the bulls by the horn. He kept us up to date on everything that was going on, including correspondence with the hospitals, the insurance company, and collection agencies. Prior to hiring Joe, it was a huge headache in trying to get everything done myself (and I'm an attorney). However, once we hired Joe, the case progressed rather quickly and the insurance company stopped messing around.

    All along the way, Joe presented us with our available options and told us the pros and cons of each. At no point was he worried or concerned with how our decision might affect his fee -- rather, he was extremely ethical and did everything with our best interests in mind. Great attorney to have represent you."

    - Justin Murray

  • "Mr. Schreiber recently handled a sensitive matter for my company. He structured the terms of his representation in a fair and flexible manner. Throughout the process, he communicated and explained our options to secure the most favorable outcome. Because of his experience and expertise, we were able to substantiate our claim and fully recover the monies owed to us. I would highly recommend Mr. Schreiber to other business owners that wish to protect their business interests."

    - Benjamin Madrid

  • "Joe and Erik took on my case after I was dropped by Jim Adler's office. My case took some time and they were great to me from beginning to the end. Always kept me informed. Called to check on me. I feel like they really care about their clients. There was a point when we didn’t know what was going to happen with the case. They stayed by my side and settled my case. Very passionate about what they do. I would definitely recommend Joe and Erik. Thank you for all your hard work."

    - Misty Lettenmaier

  • "A week ago, I asked Joe Schreiber to help my non-profit organization help resolve a major issue with an illicit business operation across the street from us. I am so glad that we asked Joe to help and guide us through the process.
    Joe is calm and easy to talk to. Every step of the way he was attentive and honest about every detail of the process. It was definitely a big help and made the situation little less stressful for us. He researched and gave me all the documents we needed to move forward with the Houston Police Department. And his instructions were always very simple and clear.
    I really appreciated his professionalism and patience with us also. Sometimes we had to set up conference calls to speak after 6 p.m. and he was totally ok with it, he was always very flexible and understanding. Schreiber Knockaert, PLLC will definitely be my organization's choice in the future if we need more help with any future matters."

    - Tonia Labbe

  • "Trustworthy, detailed, and knowledgeable. I recently hired Mr. Schreiber to represent me. His preparedness and attention to detail set him apart. When I arrived for our first meeting, Mr. Schreiber had already researched the law relevant to my case. This was very impressive and demonstrated to me a passion for his job. He explained everything in great detail and was patient when answering all my questions. He is easily accessible and trustworthy. I think that the best thing that came out of my recent situation is that I have found a lawyer in Houston that I know I can trust, who has my best interest at heart and is knowledgeable about the law. I would hire or recommend Mr. Schreiber without hesitation if needed in the future."

    - Christina Chavez

  • "I hired Mr. Schreiber in November of this year to handle a very complicated trademark infringement. When I found out the future of my company was in jeopardy, I wasted no time meeting with him and going over the details. Admittedly, I was beyond worried that my investment in my company would have all been wasted.

    Immediately after our initial consultation, Mr. Schreiber went straight to work. I tend to be impatient and like things done with speed. I can tell you that I never grew impatient with his actions and things were done on a very strict schedule. At every twist and turn, he was there to mitigate or terminate the issue. I felt very confident having him on my team. All of my calls and messages were always answered quickly and I was never left out to dry. I tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to matters such as this and I felt very comfortable being open and discussing each one. The advice alone is more than worth the rate.

    Listen, no one likes to file or deal with a lawsuit – period. However, having the best on your team makes it as pleasant as a legal matter can be. You can’t go wrong with Joe Schreiber. Needless to say, I’ve already referred him out and will utilize his expertise for all of my legal needs."

    - Chris West

  • "I appreciate all the support you gave. It helped put us at ease during a very trying time. I didn't realize that the oft vilified lawyers can be so compassionate and understanding. I'm truly grateful for you all."

    - Christina Guzman

  • "These folks are the best. They really care about their clients and they work very hard."

    - Beverly Merrick

  • "A week ago, as a business owner who has retained several of Houston's largest law firms over the past ten years, I can honestly say that the firm of Schreiber | Knockaert is a true gem in the seemingly endless sea of Houston lawyers. Joe Schreiber is one of the sharpest attorneys I have met to date. Joe's ability to truly understand a situation, lay out a clearly defined strategy, and execute a plan without getting derailed makes him a valuable asset to my company instead of just another expense. I have always felt like a priority, gotten the feedback I need when I needed it, and have yet to be blindsided by something that wasn't anticipated. Aside from truly being masters of their craft, Joe and Erik are also exceptionally open and friendly individuals whom I now consider friends. After using this firm for the last two years, I truly cannot express the value that Schreiber Knockaert represents to both the small business community and to individuals alike. All I can do is give them my highest recommendation."

    - Timothy Gallagher

  • "When you hire Joe Schreiber, you are not just hiring a competent attorney. You are engaging a true professional whose diligence and attention to detail are only matched by his genuine compassion for his clients. This combination of knowledge, professionalism, and care has proven invaluable and refreshing in a profession that is often characterized by the bottom line. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Schreiber's expertise."

    - Ewart G. Jones, Jr.

  • "I have worked with Joe for over three years on several litigation issues. He is a consummate insider to litigation and the law. He is an expert at witness preparation. He is detailed in his understanding of the law. He has not been naive about the tactics other lawyers employ to waste my time and my money – fighting these approaches cost effectively and efficiently. He is a ferocious advocate and knows where money comes from, and has worked assiduously on my behalf to economically represent me towards the most optimal end. I highly recommend Joe as a litigator and corporate attorney! "

    - Cary Hughes

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