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Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC's clients benefit from their unique legal background. Joseph Schreiber and Erik Knockaert are Law Done Right ®.  We each spent many years working at some of the largest or most prestigious law firms in the country, yet many times, working cases mostly or totally on their own. We have tried cases in federal court, state court and before arbitration panels and represented parties before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We have represented huge companies based in the US and Europe and small companies and individuals in Texas. We have represented businesses and individuals as plaintiffs and defendants in litigation, negotiated deals and contracts, and represented clients in front of government administrative agencies.

At each stage, and in each type of case, we are creative in their legal strategy and work to find the best strategy for each client.

We are humble enough to realize that we are not experts at every type of law. When faced with an issue that requires an attorney with a particularized expertise (Tax, Wills and Estates, Criminal, Immigration), Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC calls on a network of attorneys we personally know and have worked with, and coordinates with them to deliver legal solutions to our clients through our firm or a joint venture on the case. The client benefits from not having to pay overhead for attorneys they are not using, while still getting both Schreiber and Knockaert - who integrate the outside lawyers into the matter team and leads it as the client's point of contact - and access to experts in particularized fields who are part of an integrated legal team. If in a rare case, the matter requires additional manpower, Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC has joint-venture agreements in place with some of the largest firms in the country.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective, individualized client service at a fair cost. We collaborate with each client to understand and creatively achieve that client's unique objective. The firm has no desire to attempt to make money by assigning large numbers of lawyers to bill large numbers of hours to a file without regard to the value of the work to the client. We don't have monthly quotas for hours billed, so no one will try to gin your file, and then write off the hours. We do the work that's needed, when it's needed, and we keep you informed. Your case won't be signed up by a senior attorney, then pushed to a junior attorney. Your case will be handled by an experienced attorney that has your best interests in mind. You will also not have multiple attorneys billing at once on your file. You will have top-notch, experienced and individualized legal skill and judgment, from this firm and any experts that we bring into the case - with your permission and approval - if it is necessary. When you call or email, you will get an experienced attorney who is focused on your matter.

Our Approach

In litigation matters, whether you are involved in a business dispute or have suffered a catastrophic injury, we analyze the goals of the client, the pressure points of our opponent and our client, and find a way to best handle the case and support the client's objectives. If your case cannot be settled early in the process on favorable terms, we try the case to win. And we do it in a way that is intentional about finding the case's pressure points, rather than following a set formula on how to handle the case.

We have experience in federal and state courtrooms, as well as in arbitrations. We have the courtroom experience, legal knowledge, and personal drive to accomplish that objective. In non-litigation matters, our knowledge and experience in litigation and transactions provide the insight and foresight to help you structure and transact your affairs in a manner that minimizes risk and maximizes results.

Referring Attorneys

The Firm is proud that a significant part of our work comes from attorneys at both large law firms and small firms. Whether we are representing a corporate officer because of a conflict of interest or are structuring an alternative fee to satisfy a client's legal and financial needs for a particular case, we endeavor to protect our referring attorneys' relationships with their clients. We also frequently work with smaller firms in litigation to either handle the entire case with the other firm or to step in and assist with taking depositions or preparing other firm's clients for deposition.

In contingent fee matters, the firm pays referral fees where allowed by the ethical rules. We also are open to splitting contingency fees to come in with another firm on a plaintiff's matter, where allowed by ethical rules.


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