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18-wheeler wrecks are different, with more severe damage and higher insurance policies, and the question of who to sue and in what jurisdiction to sue. Due to the sheer size of an 18-wheeler, the damage to vehicles and their occupants is severe. A side-swipe from an 18-wheeler can rip the side of a car off and cause personal injury out of proportion to the speed of the injury. A rig may be owned by a company, the driver may be an employee or contractor, and the load may be owned by a third party. If it is an interstate load, there may be different regulations for driver’s conduct that can cause the wreck. There may be a claim against the manufacturer.

Higher Stakes: Because the stakes are higher, the issues are more hotly contested. The injured parties may have severe injuries that can be financially ruinous. The high cost of medical treatment and catastrophic nature of the injuries can exhaust any single insurance policy, so you need an attorney who has experience sorting the insurance issues and identifying the appropriate targets, all while helping you get the medical treatment you need.

We Fight to Win: As attorneys, we’re willing to go the distance and talk to a jury about your claim. We shift risk back to the Defendant. We’re experienced in both fighting trucking companies in court, as well as advising trucking companies how to be safer and comply with government regulations. If you’ve been injured by any commercial vehicle, you should talk to a lawyer who knows what he is talking about and is willing to fight to the end.

Tractor trailer rigs and commercial vehicles require proper maintenance, good driving skills, responsibility on who is put behind the wheel, and responsibility on making sure that driver has proper rest and the tools needed to do his job. When companies don’t follow a good safety program, they endanger the public and the driver. Real people get severely hurt or killed. We can help.

Juries are able to change company behavior, so they don’t cut corners on safety to boost profit. If you’ve been injured in a truck wreck, it’s our pleasure to help you and to force companies to correct what they’ve done wrong, making the community safer.


Car wrecks are often devastating, both for personal injury and for medical bills that need to be paid, while having just lost your vehicle. Insurance companies are in the business of providing the lowest payout possible. Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC are experienced attorneys who know how to navigate the process.

Insurance companies would like you to negotiate the claim yourself and are counting on a lack of experience and inability to file a lawsuit and fight them in court, to push a recovery down. We have experience with dozens of insurance companies and bring claims against the other driver and can bring a claim against your own insurance for uninsured/underinsured damages – for when the driver of the other car has minimum or very low insurance. We can send you to the right doctor for your injury. We can negotiate with an insurance company without filing suit. And we are very happy to file suit if an insurance company does not cooperate.

Underinsured Motorist Claims: Many wrecks are low speed, have few if any personal injuries, and have less than the minimum insurance limit of $30,000 in damages. These cheap policies are popular because they are cheap. When there is a serious car wreck, they don’t do much of anything. In that situation, you are going to need an attorney to get the full amount of the other driver’s policy and then make a claim – and even sue – your insurance company under a UIM (under-insured motorist) policy. To get at your UIM policy and the next layer of insurance, you are going to need experience from a lawyer.

Talk to an Attorney, not a Paralegal: When you call our number, you get us. You get attorneys with decades of experience. You don’t get a paralegal or junior attorney. When you hire us, you get us. What you get from us is not a TV commercial and a cute nickname for the attorney, followed by talking to a paralegal the whole life of your case, maybe getting passed around by attorneys in pre-litigation and litigation departments (if you ever get to talk to a lawyer), and the real potential to have your case dropped if the other side pushes back at all. Unfortunately, this happens. We have taken over cases for clients of other well-known attorneys who dropped the case at the first hint of a fight.

We Fight: We actually fight and we fight to win. As attorneys, we have the leverage of a jury trial if an insurance company doesn’t pay. We file lawsuits, push the cases, and try the case if the insurance company doesn’t pay a fair settlement.

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